Ladidoodles designer, Kris Hilker, loves to be creative and has been making jewelry for about 15 years. In 2007 Ladidoodles was written up in Colorado Community Treasures as the “most captivating beadwork in Evergreen”.

I feel like I always need to be making something. It’s so much fun turning the raw materials into jewelry that people fall in love with. I think the natural stones are absolutely beautiful and I love working with them. I also enjoy giving new life to old buttons, beads and other odds and ends that I find in my travels by incorporating them into my pieces. Who’s to say you can’t mix 1970’s era resin beads with semi-precious stones? I think they work great together.

I’ve always loved fashion and I decided to pursue that passion with a degree in design. It didn’t take me too long to realize that I enjoy making jewelry more than the clothes. It’s also a lot easier to get the fit right. I still love to sew, so now I make purses and bags. I use fabric samples and scraps to create my bags. Every bag purchase helps me keep these materials out of the landfill. Oftentimes the size of the scrap helps guide me in the design of the bag. It’s great fun mixing and matching the fabrics to come up with a truly unique, beautiful and maybe a little funky end result. I love what I do and I hope to pass some of that joy to you through my creations.

Thanks. -Kris

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